How to Define Your Target Market

How to Define Your Target Marketing

Have you really defined who your target market is? Do you really know who you’re trying to attract or are you trying to be everything to everyone? 

The very first step when it comes to marketing and branding on social media is really to define your brand. Narrowing down and learning how to define your target market is the second step, which is what we’ll be diving into today. 

How to Define Your Target Market

What is Target Market?

This is something I struggled with for years because I just thought everybody was in my target market. So I’m going to give you an example.

I sold bags in my first network marketing company. Thinking all women were in my target market… who couldn’t use handbags?

But, what I’ve learned is when you try to attract everyone, you end up attracting no one.

Just because you sell a weight loss product does not mean that everybody who is overweight is in your target market.  Why?  Because not everyone overweight wants to lose weight.  Not everyone overweight is unhappy.  Not everyone overweight wants to get healthier.

So when it comes down to target market, it will greatly benefit you if you can narrow this down. 

I was listening to a podcast and it was an interview between Amy Porterfield and Jasmine Star and Jasmine made a statement that has really stuck with me….

“The riches are in the niches.”

So what she’s saying is the more you can hone it in, understand and know who you’re talking to and want to attract, the better off you’re going to be and the more success you’re will create.

What’s really powerful about all of this is once I narrowed this down, people started coming to me. They would even say, “Oh my gosh, it’s like you were talking directly to me. I feel like that video was speaking to me.” That’s the power behind you defining your target market.

So when it comes to your target market, I want you to really sit down and think about who your ideal customer is and who you really want to work with.

I also want you to think about what qualities does your ideal customer or future business partner have.

Some questions to start asking yourself…

To know who your target market is, here are a few questions that can help narrow down your target market: 
     >How old are they?
     >Are they male or female?
     >Are they married?
     >Do they have children?
     >If so, how many children do they have?
     >Where do they live?
     >What do they like to do for fun?
     >What kind of shows do they watch?
     >What do they read?
     >What social media platform are they using?
     >Most importantly, what are their pains, problems and struggles?

Now, this is also something else that I want you to take into consideration when you are sitting down and making your list.

     >Who do you not want to work with?
     >What qualities are turnoffs to you?

For me, the quality that I don’t like is Debbie Downer’s, Negative Nancys, people who complain, people who don’t see the importance of investing in themselves, people who just try to dip their toes in and then they give up really easily.

I’m not trying to attract those people, okay? Those are qualities of people that I don’t want to work with and I’m not afraid to turn some people off. Because I know when it comes to my ideal customer, that’s who she is! Don’t be afraid of turning people off in the process because you don’t have to work with everybody.

Who is my target market?

I’ll just give you some ideas to help you along. Generally, my target market is women—between 25 and 54. They’re married with two kids. They went to college but they don’t want to sacrifice that time away from their family. They love to laugh. They love comedy movies. They are driven and motivated, someone who doesn’t give up easily. They understand the importance of mentors and investing in themselves. But here’s the thing, my target audience struggles with piecing it all together.  They are just a little overwhelmed and not sure where to start.

However, when it comes to my primary network marketing business, my target market is a little different. Mainly in regards to what they struggle with. 

The term “Avatar”

Have you ever heard of the term “Avatar”? This is where you basically take your target audience. You take all of those things that I listed out that you can start answering those question for yourself. And you can create an Avatar which is basically your fictitious ideal customer.

     >Name him/her 
     >What’s their age?
     >Did they go to college?
     >How many kids?


Now, when you are shooting videos, when you are creating a blog post, when you’re putting out that social media status update, I want you to keep your avatar in mind—your ideal customer.

And..when you start creating content like what I mentioned above, I want you to speak as if you’re talking to that ideal customer. When you do that, magic starts happening and you begin to start attracting them.

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  • Larry Hochman

    Reply Reply April 24, 2017

    Amen!!! It’s always who, who, who!!!

  • Martin Dean

    Reply Reply April 24, 2017

    Great information in this post Sherri. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dr. Lisa Thompson

    Reply Reply April 25, 2017


    When you market to everyone you market to no one…

    The leads I get now are ultra targeted because I know who my market is, where they are, and the language they speak

    Dr. Lisa

  • A very timely article! I have been struggling with narrowing down my target market, I have a general idea, but I really need to get down to specifics…Thank you Sherri!

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