Facebook Live Training For Beginners

Facebook LiveHave you been on Facebook recently and noticed getting a notification that someone on your friends list was “Live”?  If you haven’t checked it out, it’s a pretty cool new feature that Facebook has rolled out.  However, it’s still undergoing some beta testing and therefore not everyone has the ability to broadcast live videos just yet but I’m going to give you all the details.

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Video Marketing

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine?  That’s right, more and more people are spending hundreds of thousands of hours watching videos.  I mean, have you ever found yourself searching YouTube for videos on how to do specific things?  I know I have.  It’s how I learned how to edit videos right from my phone, it’s where I learned how to use the editing software I bought recently for my computer, and it’s also where my little girl likes to go to watch shows like Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (we don’t have cable t.v). 🙂

Video is definitely where it’s at and Live Streaming video is gaining momentum with things like Periscope, Blab, and now Facebook Live (I’m sure there’s more).  With live video, people are actually able to interact with others in real time, making it easier than ever to stay connected.  I’m going to make a little suggestion….IF you are using social media to grow your business, you might consider taking advantage of this marketing strategy ASAP.  Videos get a ton more views than simply a written status update so if you want more exposure, this is where it’s at!

Who Has Access to Facebook Live?

Right now the only people who can broadcast are those with an ios device (iPhone or iPad).  It’s currently only available on your personal profile and not on fan pages (although an app is available for fan pages with verified accounts and a large following but we’re not going into that today).

Make sure that your ios device is updated with the latest software and that your facebook app is updated as well.

Facebook Live Training

Watch the video below where I share with you what Facebook Live is, how to broadcast, features available and some extra tips.

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    • Thanks Claudia! We are our own worst critics, I’ve never liked the way I sound on video and I get comments about my “accent” all the time. It’s kind of funny. 🙂

    • Crazy huh Mark? I was kind of shocked myself when I first heard that stat but then again, I can see that because I’m constantly looking things up on there myself.

  1. Great post!

    I can see where Facebook Live can compete with Periscope. I have a Samsung S5 right now so I gotta wait for FB Live to come to the Android platform. When it comes I’ll be using it for my Doctor is In Shows

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