6 Tips to Hit Your Next Goal or Rank

6 Tips to Hit Your Next Goal or Rank

Are you looking to hit your next goal or rank?  If yes, then you’re in the right place because I’ll be sharing my biggest takeaways from a webinar with Ray Higdon.  They are going to be super helpful and super powerful, so get ready to take notes.

6 Tips to Hit Your Next Goal or Rank

The first three tips that I’m going to tell you are more about mindset than anything.  Mindset can play such a huge part in your success, and I am living proof of that because my mindset used to suck. 

First Tip – Stop being so focused on where you are in your business. 

You’ve got to stop thinking and worrying about things like, “I’m not where I want to be”, or “I’m not techie.”  Don’t focus on the wrong things and stop letting them get to you. Instead, focus on progress and getting better every day!                                                                                 

Second Tip – Have a relentless focus on where you want to go.

The second tip goes along with the first tip.  What it comes down to is this:  If you’re constantly focused on your current situation, where you were last week, how you aren’t rank advancing, or how much further you’ve got to go, then you’re not helping yourself. 

It’s like the saying, “Where your mind goes, your energy flows” (or something along those lines).  So basically, whatever you’re focused on, that’s what will be.  If you’re constantly focused on how much further you’ve got to go to reach your goal or how much you don’t know, that’s just going to keep you held back. 

So, you want to make sure that whatever goal you have set, you have relentless focus on obtaining that goal and what it’s going to take to get there.  Stop focusing on what you don’t have or what you don’t know because that’s not going to serve you.  

A bonus tip when setting goals as well (also learned from Ray Higdon) is to set activity goals!  So instead of saying that your goal is to sign up 5 people this week, say that you’re going to prospect 10 people a day!    

Third Tip – Embrace the words “despite” and “until”.

I’ve heard Ray mention this before, and when I really grasped this, oh my gosh!  It was like the light was shining down on me.  I finally understood it.

Embrace the words “despite” and “until”.

I’m going to give you an example.  So, tell yourself that you’re going to get there, and you’re going to rank advance:

       “despite” having no more market

       “despite” living in a place where you don’t know anybody

       “despite” your crappy background

       “despite” not being a trust fund baby

       “despite” having a crappy upline 

You have to have that “whatever it takes” mindset.  Embrace the word “despite.”  Because trust me when I say there are people in way worse circumstances than you who have created success.  So there’s no excuses.  You’re going to do it “despite.”

And, embrace the word “until.”  So keep going “until” you get there.  Whether that takes you two years, or five years, or ten years.  

Guess what?  The time is going to pass anyway, so stop giving up at the first sign of struggle, and get to work.

Fourth Tip – Figure out what you need to hit the next rank, and then double it.

This tip is super cool because it has to do with goal setting.  Let’s say the average closing rate in this industry is 10%, and that’s if you’ve invested some in yourself.  The best of the best closers, I’m talking Ray Higdon, Eric Worre, Cesar Rodriguez, have a closing rate of about 30%.

So if you are someone who doesn’t have a lot of skills, and you aren’t investing your time and money to increase your skill set for prospecting, then your closing rate might only be around 5% or less.

For this example, I’m going to give you the average closing rate of 10%.  If you need ten people, you want to assume that you need twenty, and that needs to be the goal.

And the reason is, most of the time, even if you need ten people, most of them are not going to work the business or stay on the products.  They’re going to quit or they’re going to do whatever, and you’re not going to have 100% retention.  So, whatever goal or number you need to hit the next rank, you need to double it.

Now, if you have a 10% closing rate, that would mean that if you to talk to two hundred people, you should be able to close twenty.  But you should double it, and talk to four hundred people.  In other words, get in beast mode.  Talk to as many people as possible.

I hear people say, “I’m not closing anybody”, or “I’m not getting any sign ups in my business.”  But when I talk to them and ask them, “Ok, so how many people are you talking to?” their response is that they have only talked to three or five people.  My response is “No, you need to track it, and you need to talk to more people.”

In reality, the vast majority of the people you talk to will not be interested in what you have to offer.   So you just have to keep sorting and keep sifting.  It’s like the saying that Nadya Melton says, and I love it, “You’re going to go through a lot of duds to find the studs.”  So, just keep going.

Fifth Tip – Have habits that make your success inevitable.

When I first started in network marketing I struggled for four years.  I mean, self-proclaimed #RecoveringSpammer right here.  I did it wrong.  I didn’t have good habits. I wasn’t doing the things that I needed to do every day.  Little things (like haters or someone quitting) would get me down, and take me out of action.  And that’s why I didn’t create success.  So you have to create habits that are going to make success inevitable.  

Right now, one of the habits that I have developed is being consistent. I work every single day.  I’m talking to people every day.  I’m learning every day.  I remain a student. I have really good habits now, and I invest in myself. 

So me getting to where I want to go, I’m super confident that I’m going to get there.  It’s inevitable.  How long it takes me to get to the level I want to be at?  Who knows!  But I’m going to keep going despite where I’m at right now.  And I’m going to keep working hard to change as many lives as I possibly can until I create the dream life that I want to create.

If you’re unsure where to start, check out my Back to the Bascis Academy, which is all about marketing and branding on social media.  This will give you some key components to add to your daily routine for creating success.  You might also look into MLSP, which is where I learned a lot about attraction marketing when I first got started.  I did a review on it here

Sixth Tip – Recognize your runners often.

A lot of times, if you look back on my fan page, you’ll see that I give shout outs to the people I coach and mentor. I’m doing it, not just for those who are crushing it, but also for those who are putting forth an effort and making it happen, regardless of where they were before.

Understand that people want to be recognized, loved, and they want to feel important. So, start recognizing your students, your clients, your teammates, etc.  Start doing that often because when you do, people are going to work harder and stick around longer if they feel important.

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  • Keith Everett

    Reply Reply July 24, 2017

    Bam, this is an excellent post Sherri. Tip 3, using “despite” and “until” is a sup powerful tip. Thanks for sharing..

  • Ron Deering

    Reply Reply July 24, 2017

    6 Great tips… love Ray’s training webinars … thanks for the recap… love number 6 work with the runners… great post Sherri

  • Dereco Cherry

    Reply Reply July 24, 2017

    Adopting that word “until” is so powerful. You have to think like that if you want to be successful. It’s not going to be easy but so worth it. Most people quit on themselves when the going gets tough or when they are not making any money. Anyone who’s been successful online more than likely didn’t make a dime either when they first got started but they stuck it out. Good stuff Sherri, thanks!!

  • Adewale Adebusoye

    Reply Reply July 24, 2017

    Embracing the words despite and until will keep you focused till you hit your goals and next rank! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Dr. Lisa Thompson

    Reply Reply July 24, 2017

    Great tips here Sherri. The big one for me is getting stuck at where you are and not on where you want to go.

    It’s so easy to get caught up in that cycle that it can keep you from taking action.

    Dr. Lisa

  • Anthony

    Reply Reply July 24, 2017

    Love this!

  • Martin Dean

    Reply Reply July 25, 2017

    Great video Sherri with awesome tips. Thanks for sharing.

  • Coach Jamie

    Reply Reply July 25, 2017

    Wow- These are all great tips and really helpful- beyond the normal stuff you see. Great post and refreshing.



  • Gary Bledsoe

    Reply Reply July 25, 2017

    YES, YES, YES!!! “Despite” & “Until” I have truly learnt to embrace these words!! I also love, going pass your target, I but believe going way, way, way, pass my target. This method has helped me a lot. Thanks for the tips Sherri.

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