The 5 Elements of A Solid Daily Routine for Entrepreneurs

The 5 Elements of a Solid Daily Routine

Do you struggle daily with knowing where you need to be spending your timespecifically how much time you need to be spending on certain tasks when it comes to your business?

If that’s you, you’ll definitely want to bookmark this page as I’m going to be sharing “5 Elements of a Solid Daily Routine.” I’m also going to be talking about where your time needs to be spent based on your current circumstances in regards to your life and in your business.

The 5 Elements of A Solid Daily Routine for Entrepreneurs

In the past, daily routine was something I absolutely struggled with. I found that I was super busy and constantly doing stuff all day. However, I never felt as if I was getting things accomplished. Through a lot of learning and self developing, I’ve learned there are a few key things that need to be in your daily routine in order to really move your business forward. 

1.  Personal Development.

Now, there are a few different aspects when it comes to personal development and I’m going to give you a few examples for this. 

    > Lean more about your niche.

Take for instance, if you’re in the Makeup industry, one aspect of personal development is you diving deeper to learn some different makeup hacks that are going to serve your audience.  If you’re in the Health & Wellness industry, what are some simple exercises or healthy recipes you can share along with other questions or problems that your target audience may struggle with?

Pay attention to the questions you’re getting asked and if you’re brand new, go to google and search for forums in your niche to find out what others are asking and then turn those into educational pieces of content that will attract your ideal prospects to you.   

> Learn more about business skills.

Now, another aspect of personal development is increasing your skill sets when it comes to running your business.  This could be learning more about attraction marketing, branding, content creation, prospecting, productivity, etc.   

2.  Implementing What You Learned

Now, the second thing is actually scheduling out time to take action and implement what you learn. So, personal development is you consuming that content but then you also need to schedule out time in your day to implement and really learn it.  Let’s face it; if you can’t turn around and explain what you just consumed to somebody else, you haven’t actually learned it, right?

For example, I went through a course last year and I listened to a lesson about Trello, however, because I didn’t take the time to actually create an account and mess around with it, I never actually learned it. Make sense?

This is a step many forget but it’s crucial!  If you aren’t implementing and taking the time to learn, you are wasting your time!

3.  Creating Content.

The third aspect is creating content that’s valuable to your market/niche. It should serve your target audience and serve those that you’re trying to attract.  This goes back to attraction marketing and could be you creating a video, blog post, status update on social media, etc.  

Again, if you are new and don’t know where to begin when it comes to what to post on social media, etc. then check out my course here where I teach all about how to do it (without going into any advanced strategies).

A final note around this topic… BE CONSISTENT!!  There are lots of people out there who just create content every now and then and then wonder why they aren’t generating leads.  Well, ask yourself…. does cartoon network show cartoons on a daily basis or just every now and then?  Obviously, it’s on a daily basis so you should do the same when it comes to your audience!  

4.  Admin duties.

The fourth aspect or element of your daily routine is admin duties. Now, this could be checking your email, cleaning up or organizing your desk/workstation, checking in with your customers or your teammates, pulling reports, writing down your goals, putting a plan in place, etc.

Depending on what time of month it might also determine how much time should be spent in this area.  Generally, the end of the month is when more time would be spent here (if you’re building a network marketing business) as you might be trying to help customers get their orders in before a new month begins. 

5.  Prospecting.

The fifth thing that should be a part of your daily routine is prospecting — very critical component.  If you’re not reaching out, growing your network, and building those relationships, it will be very hard to build any type of sustainable business. Make a goal to connect with 5-10 people per day!  Of those 5-10, don’t think you have to expose every one of them to whatever it is you offer because you won’t.  Go Here for a list of many of the articles I’ve written all around this topic! 🙂     

How much time should you spend on each activity?

When it comes to clients and people that I work with, it depends on what their specific circumstances and goals are.  Understand that your goals are going to play a big factor in whether or not you should focus more on marketing or prospecting (although both should be done daily).

If you are at a place in your business where you’re just getting started and you need money now, focus more time on prospecting. It may mean spending less time on your personal development or getting specific things in place in regards to your marketing.

For example, if you have three hours a day and you really need money, spend 20 to 25 minutes on personal development, another 20 to 25 minutes on implementing and taking action on what you learned.

Content creation should should take about 20 minutes — if you are doing a video on just putting up some status updates on social media. Obviously, if you’re putting out a blog for that day, it might take you a little longer, and maybe 20 minutes on admin, then the rest on building those relationships.

I’ll give you another example where this might not be the case.  So towards the fall of 2016 right before I launched my Back To The Basics Academy, I was at a point in my business to where I didn’t need the money (or let’s say I was comfortable and wasn’t struggling to make ends meet). 

What I did was I spent very little time actively prospecting and I really focused and spent the majority of my time setting up specific systems and getting ready to bring on more assistants so that I could start outsourcing some time consuming tasks. (If this is something you would like to learn how to do, you might want to check out my new workshop on Outsourcing here!)  There is only a small window for open enrollment though so ya might want to hurry on that one. 🙂   

So there you have it!  Those are really the main 5 elements that you should focus on to build a thriving and successful business online. Now, you can always squeeze in extra activities like …..

Scheduling time to engage on social media posts or following x amount of people each day on social media, etc. if you just really wanted to get even more nitty gritty. 🙂

Lastly (because I also know you might be struggling with sticking to each of these), if you have a hard time with sticking to your routine and time seems to get away from you, one good thing that I’ve suggested to my students is setting a timer.

If you’ve got 30 minutes to prospect or an hour to prospect, set a timer (on your phone or buy a cheap one at Wal-Mart or a local store) and be laser focused on that particular task.  Shut down all other tabs or windows, silence your phone, turn off distractions and focus!  Once the timer goes off, move on to the next activity on your “to-do” list!  This will ensure that you are staying on track! 

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  • Martin Dean

    Reply Reply June 28, 2017

    That’s a great way to allot your time. Thanks for sharing Sherri.

  • Destrie Monis

    Reply Reply June 28, 2017

    Awesome outline for a rock solid daily routine Sherri!

  • Dr. Lisa Thompson

    Reply Reply June 29, 2017

    Great tips Sherri!

    They are a solid consistent doable action plan.

    Dr. Lisa

  • Dereco Cherry

    Reply Reply June 30, 2017

    Having a daily routine is a must! I really like how you went into detail on each one and the section on how much time you should be spending on them. Implementing what you are learning is where the rubber meets the road. Putting those things into action is what gets you the results. Thanks for the tips Sherri!

  • Robert Stafford

    Reply Reply July 1, 2017

    Thank you for the outline of a daily routine. This is something that I needed badly!

    • Sherri Brown

      Reply Reply July 1, 2017

      You are more than welcome Robert 🙂

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