~Ron Deering (Network Marketing Professional)

~Kim Ward (Mompreneur, Network Marketing Professional)

~Sharon Johnson (Mompreneur, Network Marketing Professional)

~Tara Ranaudo (Network Marketing Professional)

“What does one say about the one person who changed not only my business life but helped me to see what my true passion and calling was… 6 months ago I was questioning what in the word I was doing. I knew the company I was with was amazing, I knew the potential was there, I knew that I had so much to give and offer, but I just had no idea how to get it out there. I felt like I was bothering and pestering and that I wasn’t being “ME.” And out of the blue, someone whom I had had some interaction with here and there, sent me a message just to see how I was doing… and as they say, the rest is history. Simi’s Loves was born and I found my true gift. Helping other Network Marketers. Sherri was there for me every step of the way. Asking me the right questions. Getting me to really dig deep and figure out the paths I wanted to take. She introduced Branding to me. She taught me the verbiage and processes. And most of all, she taught me how to be ME again. Sherri has a gift for taking you by the hand and showing you not just how to do it, but why it is important to do it in that way. If you are struggling in your home business, Sherri will get you back on track and off and running faster then you ever thought possible.”  ~Simone Pardorla (Mompreneur)

“Sherri is the total BOMB dot com! We have met at one of the live events in 2016 and became really good friends and business partners. I gotta say that Sherri is the absolute master at branding and Facebook marketing. Ever since implementing some of the strategies that I’ve learned from her, my business has been growing more rapidly than before. If you get a chance to work with Sherri, don’t even think twice! You’ll be in for a real treat!” ~Jelena Ostrovska (Russian Tech Ninja, Entrepreneur)

“Sherri has been incredibly supportive and encouraging as a mentor. I was doing the right work in my business, but I really needed a mindset shift and she taught me how to brand myself, promote my website and have a posture that would attract people to me. She is hard-working and truly wants to empower others to create their own success and create freedom for themselves and their families.” ~Bridgette Petrino (Entrepreneur)