Tasks You Can Outsource In Your Business

tasks you can outsource in your business

Have you been considering hiring a virtual assistant but wonder if you’ll have enough work to keep them busy?  I get it!  I wondered the same thing which is why today, I’ll be sharing quite a few different tasks you can outsource in your business

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Tasks You Can Outsource In Your Business


It’s good to note that when it comes to outsourcing, you can hire just by the project or task or you can hire a virtual assistant on an ongoing basis.  

The first thing is graphics. Obviously, I can create simple things like blog graphics or inspirational quotes to go from my fan page using apps like canva. However, when it comes to more complicated graphics like showing my face on a computer or creating ebook graphics, I don’t have any clue how to do it. So this is a simple task that can be outsourced.  

Blog set-up
If you really want to save yourself more time, setting up a blog is the second thing that you can outsource in general. 

Presently, I have an assistant who works for me and simply transcribes my videos which is a huge time saver as oftentimes, my blog posts are simply my transcribed videos.  A general VA can do this easily

What do I mean by copywriting? I am not a great writer, I don’t claim to be and I’ve always been transparent about that. So hiring someone to do the persuasive writing for maybe a sales page or capture page is a great idea.  

Funnels/capture pages
If you really don’t know how to create funnels/capture pages and you don’t want to take time learning them, then you can simply outsource these tasks.

A capture page is simple a page where someone can enter their name and email in exchange for a free download of some type.  

Online research, video editing, SEO
For those of you who may not know what SEO means, it’s search engine optimization. People hire others to do SEO for them, ensuring that their blog posts are getting ranked on Google.  There is also video editing which can often be super time consuming so hiring someone to do that for you can be a huge time saver. 

Bookkeeping, email marketing, technical issues
You can also outsource different admin type stuff, email marketing and any technical issues that you may have. 

Social media manager
If you don’t have time to sit and share to different groups or put up several posts throughout the day, then hire a Virtual Assistant. It’s pretty cool to have a VA who will manage all your social media accounts.  You just want to make sure that whoever you hire obviously has knowledge in regards to whatever platform you’re using.

Blogging is another thing. I know several people who outsource this task and have an assistant who writes blog posts for them.

So these are just several different ideas, but there are seriously tons other tasks that you can be outsourced. There are also things you can outsource in your home. Find someone who will run some errands around the town or clean your house to free up some time, or someone who will walk your dogs. 

I just challenge you to make a list of everything you’re doing right now in your business and in your home. Then, think of those areas that you could possible outsource and have someone else do them for you.  Also, stay tuned as there will be plenty more articles coming on this topic alone because I’m all about working smarter and not harder. 🙂 

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