Productivity Tips: How To Work Smarter & Not Harder

how to work smarter and not harder

Do you ever wonder how some people just seem to be everywhere? Like, they’re throwing up videos over on Facebook and they’re on Periscope and then they have blog posts coming out all the time? Then, the next thing you notice is they’re posting over on Twitter and Instagram and you’re just like, “how in the world are they doing this because I just don’t have the time?”

If that’s you, stick around because I’m gonna be sharing with you how to work smarter and not harder in your business. I’ll also be sharing the first two steps to outsourcing.

Productivity Tips: How To Work Smarter & Not Harder

I have a list of tons of different things that we’re doing on a daily basis and let me tell you, you’re only one person and there is only so much you can do. A huge way that you can start working smarter and not harder in your business is to start outsourcing those tasks that are just super time consuming.

It’s definitely a concept that completely changed my mindset and just opened up a lot of doors for me. If you’ve been wanting to get some help, here are the first two steps when it comes of outsourcing.

First step

The first step is to make a list of everything that you do on a daily basis—everything from your business to personal. What I want you to do with that list is I want you to have two columns. I want you to look at that task and decide on whether that’s something only you can do or is it something that you can have someone else do.  I did this exercise when going through one of Chalene Johnson’s academies and OMG, it was eye opening so don’t skip this step!  

Second step

The second step is to start recording yourself doing all those activities. Create screen flows of you actually going through those tasks and save them in a separate folder. Even if you don’t think you will hire someone for that task right away, you’ll have it for down the road.  It’s like the saying goes, “It’s better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.”

By outsourcing tasks that you don’t have to do, it allows you to not only work smarter & not harder, but it gives you a lot more time freedom to do the things that only you can do (like do your videos, create content, etc)

You might be thinking, “I can’t really afford that” or “I really don’t have the money”, but you can find virtual assistants for as little as $3 to $5 dollars an hour so it’s a lot more affordable than you think.  So with that being said, go back to that list of tasks and ask yourself, “Is my time worth more than $3 to $5 dollars an hour?”  If the answer is yes, then you can definitely start outsourcing and get some stuff off of your plate.

Since I started outsourcing, I am amazed at how much more I’ve been able to do and how much my business has actually grown.

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  • Chondra Rankin

    Reply Reply January 30, 2017

    This is a really great idea. Each of your instructions (whether pictorial or video) could each be their own blog post! 🙂 Thanks, Sherri!

    • Sherri Brown

      Reply Reply January 30, 2017

      You’re more than welcome Chondra!

  • Sandra Copeland

    Reply Reply January 30, 2017

    Love this !!~ working smarter not harder is the key !!~ managing your time and scheduling <3 Thank you Sherri ♥♥☺☺

  • Dr. Lisa Thompson

    Reply Reply January 31, 2017

    Gonna definitely implement that tip of watching what I do with my time…thank you!

    Dr. Lisa

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