MLM Tips: The Types of Posts That Repel

MLM Tips The types of posts that repel

Have you ever wondered or even got the feeling that some of the posts you’re putting up on social media is repelling people?  Maybe you’re like “Why isn’t anyone engaging on my stuff?” Am I right? 

Today, I’ll be sharing some mlm tips when it comes to certain types of posts that can repel people.  Feel free to share this out if you got some value or know someone who could benefit from hearing this. 


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The Types Of Posts That Repel

The video below is from a Facebook Live I did but before I go into the types of posts that tend to repel people, understand that a couple of these examples may not apply to your particular target audience.  For example, I know that if I were to start dropping the F bomb all over the place and in my videos, it would end up repelling a lot of my audience (because I’ve identified who my “lifers” are and they’re a lot like me).  Now, cursing in general doesn’t offend me but I also don’t want to talk to someone who ALL they ever do is drop horrible language.

However, if you go over to Gary Vaynerchuk’s page, well…. you’ll hear a lot of cursing going on and guess what, his audience isn’t repelled and they’ll continue coming back and watching more and more of him.  Make sense?

Overall, these are just some general suggestions and they may not all apply to you or your exact audience.

😱🤗 Types of Posts That Repel People🤗😱

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Posted by Sherri Brown on Sunday, July 31, 2016


#1Pitchy or Spammy posts (min 5.20)

When you’re connecting and building relationships on social media, especially if it’s someone who you haven’t warmed up yet, they’re going to check out your profile.  If they see a bunch of pitching and promoting going on, it’s going to raise resistance and turn some people off. 

#2 Tagging people in posts that aren’t relevant to them (min 6.47)

This is just plain annoying and this happens to me every now and I always end up untagging myself which isn’t good for your facebook account.  If a bunch of people start hiding your posts what happens is your account basically gets docked and your stuff is shown less in the newsfeed. 

#3 Never posting any graphics or pictures of yourself (min 8.20)

We are becoming such a visual society and people want to know who they’re talking to.  I’ve gone to profiles and it’s like I don’t even know what the person looks like or who they are and so it’s harder to create that connection if you never have pictures of yourself anywhere. 

#4 No lifestyle post 

You want to take people on a journey and if you’re someone who again, never post pictures of yourself doing anything, they may wonder “why would I want to join you if all you do is sit at home and never do anything.”  

#5 Negative posts (min 10.35)

No one likes to be surrounded with negative people because it’s taxing and draining!!  People want to be around people who make them feel good not suck the life out of them.  If you’re constantly complaining on social media and posting life sucking, negative things, don’t be surprised if no one is reaching out or wanting to do business with  you.  Keep it fun! Keep it upbeat!!

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  • Juanita

    Reply Reply September 26, 2016

    Hey Sherri,

    I really don’t like when people tag me either—especially if it is not something I’m interested in. 🙁
    You made some great points. I have to work on more personal pics.:)

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Sherri Brown

      Reply Reply September 27, 2016

      You’re so welcome Juanita!

  • Dereco Cherry

    Reply Reply September 26, 2016

    These are some solid tips! People don’t realize how many people they lose when they put up that join me post. People are attracted to lifestyles. Tagging people in a post they don’t know anything about is another way that you will run people off.

    Be the type of person you want to work within your business. Be positive and upbeat. Nobody want’s to work with someone who is negative or never has anything good to say.

    • Sherri Brown

      Reply Reply September 27, 2016

      You’re absolutely right Dereco!

  • Dr. Lisa Thompson

    Reply Reply September 27, 2016

    OMG Sherri – I was cracking up at your featured post!

    Seriously the best post you’ve done to date…

    Loved what you shared especially negative posts….you attract what you speak and FB live is such an attractor magnet.

    Dr. Lisa

    • Sherri Brown

      Reply Reply September 29, 2016

      hahaha, Thanks Dr. Lisa!!

  • Hrvoje

    Reply Reply September 27, 2016

    Excellent stuff Sherri! This tips for sure Will help People to do much better stuff. Special People don’t like negative pošta which are all over the plaće. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Sherri Brown

      Reply Reply September 29, 2016

      Thanks Hrvoje and you’re more than welcome!

  • Adewale

    Reply Reply September 27, 2016

    Thanks Sherri. People want to build a connection, and be taken on a journey and not be spammed daily.

    • Sherri Brown

      Reply Reply September 29, 2016

      Thanks Adewale!

  • Bruce Schinkel

    Reply Reply September 27, 2016

    Some really great tips here, Sherri. Something i think everyone needs to hear

    • Sherri Brown

      Reply Reply September 29, 2016

      Thank you Bruce!

  • Jelena Ostrovska

    Reply Reply September 27, 2016

    That is officially the BEST picture for a blog post! But with regards to what repels people you nailed it Sherri!

    • Sherri Brown

      Reply Reply September 29, 2016

      hahaha, thanks Jelena!

  • Gordon Attard

    Reply Reply September 27, 2016

    This is superb Sherri! A lot of people out there need to read this post and watch your fb live. Solid tips… thanks!

    • Sherri Brown

      Reply Reply September 29, 2016

      Thank you Gordon!

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