MLM Tips: The Best Way To Handle Those Who Quit

mlm tipsHas anyone ever left your team, cancelled their account, or just went MIA?  How did that make you feel?  

Well, if you’re a home business owner, I’m sure it’s happened more than once and therefore I wanted to share some mlm tips on how to handle those who quit or leave.

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Setting The Right Expectations

I know when you’re working hard and spending tons of time with people, it can be a little disheartening if they leave.  However, I think one of the best things you can do is have the right expectations from the beginning.  Understand that not everyone is going to join you, not everyone is going to be a fit for you or what you’re offering and you have to be ok with that.  

You also have to understand that I’ve yet to see any company have a 100% retention rate.  Some people will join you and decide it wasn’t really what they were looking for.  Some people will become customers and it may not work for them the way it worked for others.  Maybe they didn’t see results or really like the product the way they thought they would.  

These are all natural!!  The worst thing you could possibly do if someone leaves your company, quits or cancels is bash them or be ugly.  Really think about something you’ve cancelled or stopped using.  What were your reasons for doing so?  Was anyone rude to you?  Overall, just think about how YOU would want to be treated.  Watch the video below for my best tips on how to handle someone who quits!

😀 Best Way To Handle Those Who Quit 😀

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Posted by Sherri Brown on Thursday, July 28, 2016


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14 comments on “MLM Tips: The Best Way To Handle Those Who Quit

  1. I think the thing with people leaving, is not to take it personally. It happens, obviously if it’s a relatively small percentage it’s not too bad but if it’s a lot of people regularly, the problem lies with us.. thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey, hey, hey … great tips here Sherri. What I love as well on your blog is that in the blog you have great SEO. I love to study your blog as I always pick up a new tip.

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