MLM Tips: 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Post Your Company Name on Social Media

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Post Your Company Name on facebook

Have you ever wondered why you weren’t getting feedback when you’re posting your company links on your social media pages? You’re putting the info out there, so why aren’t you making sales? Time for a truth bomb (or FOUR!).

MLM Tips: 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Post Your Company Name on Social Media

If you found yourself asking the same question, stick around because I’m going to be sharing the top 4 reasons why you shouldn’t share your company links on Facebook or other social media sites.

#1: It makes you look like a pitch person

The very first reason why you shouldn’t post your network marketing links is that it makes you look like a “pitch person.” If you’re someone who is just throwing your link out there while crossing your fingers (and hoping somebody’s going to buy!), you’re probably not going to make many sells. I can also guarantee you that you’re not going to create long-term success either.

You have to understand that people love to buy because we’re consumers by nature—but they don’t like to be sold to. What I encourage you to do is to share your story instead. Take people on a journey with you, and invite those who want to come along. Consumers are more receptive when you take that direction versus “Buy this! Buy that!” Enough with the links.

If you struggle with the concept of Attraction Marketing, then study up buttercup because it will serve you very well if you learn to implement it. 

#2: You lose all curiosity.

Just like watching a movie, you don’t want people to spoil the ending. You want to pique their interest, and have them wondering “What is she doing? What is he doing? I need to know how.”

By not posting your link, it allows you to create curiosity and to spark interest. It also forces those who are interested to reach out to you rather than Google. With a search engine, they’re going to find negative reviews because people are more likely to share a negative experience than a good one (show of hands, how many negative people do you know? A lot, right?). By creating curiosity, they reach out to you instead.  

#3: It allows you to have a conversation.

By withholding the links and the company name, you’re opening yourself up to conversation with potential buyers. It develops relationships because you’re getting to know the person, their pains, and what they’re struggling with. Figure out what their goals are—it’s a powerful thing.

With a conversation, you’re able to help other men and women in a deeper, more meaningful way. Here’s the deal, guys: I can’t help someone with their business, or their marketing and branding. I can’t help them with prospecting. I can’t help them without understanding who they are and what they’re struggling with.

It’s more than making a sale. In fact, I’m not about that. What I focus on, more than anything else, is making a lasting impact on other lives. My goal is to change a life and the more you seek to serve, the better off you’ll be and the more trust you’ll build in the process. 

#4: It allows you to hack Facebook algorithm.

And last, but certainly not least, by withholding your links and company name, you’re outsmarting Facebook.

In case ya don’t know, Facebook wants to keep you ON FACEBOOK!  Why? So they can show you more ads and the last thing they want is for people to leave and guess what that link is doing when you post it in the description?  Well, you’re taking people off the platform.  

Now, if you’re posting it on your business page and plan to drive traffic to that link, then that’s a different story.  If you’re not, then instead try posting it in the comments or simply adding that if they want more info, to drop ya a comment and let you know and you’ll be happy to send it over.  

Then, when people begin to comment on your posts, it tells Facebook that people are interested and they’ll show it in the newsfeed to more people. #WinWin

The whole point is that you need eyeballs. You can create incredible content, and have the best possible product. You can also have the best opportunity and services. But, if no one is seeing your posts, then it’s a waste of time so drop the links (unless you’re running ads) and try some other creative ways of getting it out there like the ones I mentioned above. 🙂 


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  • Tricia Robinson

    Reply Reply October 16, 2017

    Thanks for sharing! I know it’s a pet peeve of mine when I see people constantly selling to me. Facebook should be social – build relationships 1st and let your prospects sell themselves.

  • Adewale Adebusoye

    Reply Reply October 16, 2017

    Great share Sherri…your points are valid…I am just learning about how NOT posting links hacks Facebooks algorithm! Thanks again!

  • April Ray

    Reply Reply October 16, 2017

    Great tips and so true! Never give away the goodies, I always say! Make them so curious to find out what you do that they come to you. Love the last facebook hack too. Facebook is so selfish! Lol!

  • Dereco Cherry

    Reply Reply October 16, 2017

    This training is so on point. If it were that easy to just post company links on your profile then everyone would be rich and be rolling in the cash. I think people forget the social part of social networking. People don’t get on Facebook to buy stuff. They get on there to connect with family and friends.

    Thanks for the share Sherri!

  • Bruce Schinkel

    Reply Reply October 16, 2017

    Loved these tips. I find the curiosity one to be super important for me, personally, but those others will definitely come in handy

  • Dr. Lisa Thompson

    Reply Reply October 16, 2017

    I love the idea of outsmarting Facebook by not giving out links…

    Great tip!

    Dr. Lisa

  • Martin Dean

    Reply Reply October 17, 2017

    We’ve all done the “post the link” thing. It’s only after you’ve done the training do you realise that posting your company link doesn’t work. Build a relationship, build conversation & then your business will grow.

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