MLM Success Tips: The Best Marketing Strategy

mlm success tipsI attended an event back in August 2016 and wanted to share some mlm success tips regarding marketing from Norbert Orlewicz’s presentation (he is also the co-founder of the marketing system I use for my business). 

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Why Most Home Business Owners Fail At Marketing 

There are a few reasons why I think most entrepreneurs/network marketers/home business owners never go on to create success in their business.  One of those reasons is not taking the time to invest in learning effective marketing strategies that actually work.  Sorry but going on Facebook throwing around your company name, talking about how awesome your products are is not marketing.  

I was so guilty of this when I first came into the industry years ago.  I mean, I have my MBA but let me tell you, I was not prepared to come online.  I struggled for years and that’s simply because I wasn’t taught the right way to attract people on social media by any of my upline leaders and it was definitely not something the company taught.  So….I just started doing what I saw others doing and that was what Ray Higdon would call “Repellant Marketing”.  See, I wasn’t taking the time or investing any money back then to really learn what it took to attract people and grow a successful business. 

My own sister even told me the only reason she hadn’t unfriended me on facebook was solely the fact that I was her sister (true story).  See, as network marketers it really is up to you to go out there and learn what it takes to change your lilfe.  I’ve heard so many people talk about how they feel like they’re turning people off, yet they STILL posts the same pitchy things on social media.  Are You??  

Another big factor as to why people fail is they’re going out there and trying to learn everything and just grasping at straws with no real plan in place.  Sound familiar?  

Training Video: The Best Marketing Strategy

Fast forward to minute 2 and that will get you into the content. 🙂 This is from a previous Facebook Live I did. 

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Posted by Sherri Brown on Saturday, August 27, 2016


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18 comments on “MLM Success Tips: The Best Marketing Strategy

  1. This is 100% true Sherri- so many try to have their hands EVERYWHERE at once right off the back and get overwhelmed. We must be true to ourselves and do whichever strategy best suits us and build from there.

  2. Couldn’t agree more Sherri. Getting into the online arena is a big step and takes lots of education and investing in yourself and business. So many, get in and like you said just start blasting their business all over their personal sites and lose more then they gain. Thanks for another great post!

  3. Your daughter is so adorable! I did the same thing I was trying to learn so many strategies and all I did was confuse myself. I almost threw in the towel because I felt so overwhelmed. Had to learn to market the right way.

  4. Strange twist: My uplink discouraged me from taking my business online. They even commented that no one could tell the company I represented because I never posted it. Our company has just hired a group to create posts for social media that we can use. The group acknowledged that many distributors wanted the posts to link to their company page but they do not do that with these posts because it is poor marketing! I wish I had not allowed my upline to mess with my mindset.

    • I think many of us start out doing it the wrong way. It’s a learning process and you definitely are on the right track now Belinda!

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