MLM Success Tips: 5 Areas To Invest In When It Comes To Your Business

mlm success tips

Today, I’m going to be sharing some mlm success tips regarding the 5 areas to invest in when it comes to your business. 

If you want to cut your learning curve and get results at a much quicker rate, then investing some time and money into your business is what will get you there faster. 

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MLM Tips: 5 Areas To Invest In When It Comes To Your Business

1.  Tools and resources
An example of tools and resources would be getting a website up and running that’s branded to you (like the one you’re on now). It’s a way to really build rapport, authority and credibility.

I’ve seen a lot of people who are trying to get blogs and websites up and going from free sites. For security reasons, I don’t really recommend free sites. Why? Let me tell you this: from the security that I have in place, plus the tools and resources I have, I know that there have been over 4,000 attempts to log in to my website. Imagine what would happen if I just had a free website out there and no analytics or security in place.

Remember that free is not always your best friend. It’s not always the best option, just going to lay that out there. Stop looking at everything as a cost and start looking at it as an investment in yourself, in your business and your future.

2.  Personal development
You need to be investing in personal development. The best advice I can give you is to think of areas you aren’t great in and start from there. For instance, if you have no clue what to do on Facebook, how to build a fan page, and what you need to be putting out there, maybe it’s about time to invest in a course that’s going to teach you everything step by step.

How about prospecting?  If this is an area you could really improve on, then instead of just scouring the internet (often spending tons of time) maybe you should look at a course that’s going to really dive deep (saving you both time and money in the long run).  

3.  Email marketing system
Understand that there are two things in your business that you own and control. The first one is your branded website and the second one is your email list. There are lots of different email marketing systems out there and for me I’m using AWeber. Their customer support is excellent and when searching, they were always the one that came up in coversatio. Just like AWeber, there are several other out there that you can use like Get Response, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, etc.

4.  Outsourcing 
Fourth area that you should be investing in when it comes to your business is outsourcing. Yes, outsourcing was a massive life-changer for me. You need to start outsourcing and stop trying to do everything for yourself.  I ran across a saying from Nadya Melton that said, “You can have it all but you can’t do it all.” Boy, did that hit home!  Outsourcing can absolutely allow you to work smarter and not harder in your business.  This is also going to be a topic I go over in Total Marketing Immersion that many have told me they are looking forward to. 

Since doing the FB Live video above, I have since added two more VA’s for a total of 3 now, working around 60 hours a week in my business which has allowed me to spend more time doing those important “Income Producing Activities” and also focusing on the things I’m good at versus other stuff that’s super time consuming. 

5.  Mentor/Coach/ or Mastermind
Fifth and final thing is hiring a mentor or a coach. Find somebody who can really look at things from an outside perspective, somebody that you can bounce ideas off, and then watch your learning curve be drastically reduced.  I mean, can you think of one professional athlete that doesn’t have a coach?  I know I can’t!   

The Tools I Use to Build My Business:

  • My Toolbox – I have been asked quite a bit about what tools and resources I use so I’ve put together this page just for you!  Enjoy 🙂  

Was that helpful? If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below and feel free to share it with anyone who might benefit.

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  • Bruce Schinkel

    Reply Reply December 18, 2016

    5 great investment areas, Sherri! I know #4 is one that I need to work on 🙂

  • Chondra Rankin

    Reply Reply December 18, 2016

    Love the ideas, all so important! Great value, thanks!

  • Larry Hochman

    Reply Reply December 18, 2016

    Solid! Treat your business like a business, not a hobby!

  • Dr. Lisa Thompson

    Reply Reply December 19, 2016

    One area I’m focusing on in 2017 is outsourcing…thanks for the share 🙂

    Dr. Lisa

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