How to Come Up With Valuable Content Without Mentioning Your Company Name

How to Come Up With Valuable Content Without Mentioning Your Company Name

You’ve been told to create content for your audience without mentioning your company name. But do you find yourself struggling with that concept? Don’t worry. It’s not as intimidating or as challenging as you probably imagined.

Today, I’m reaching out to those who are in network marketing, direct sales, so that I can teach you how to create valuable content for social media—without mentioning your company name.

How to Come Up With Valuable Content Without Mentioning Your Company Name

Remember to create content daily for your business, otherwise it’ll fail to thrive. With over 2 billion people using Facebook alone, the competition is intense—which is why you need to attract your customers and clients verses repelling them with spam.

It wasn’t until I immersed myself into marketing, that I learned how to develop the right kind of content without repelling people.  Also, if you are someone who currently isn’t getting much engagement at all, use the examples below as well as checking out our 14 Day Social Media Content Challenge which can really help you to kickstart your posts so that it’s not always a ghost town.


It’s more beneficial to you to avoid mentioning your company’s name because each business has a brand. But, you have to realize that YOU’RE the brand. Understand that the products and services you have from the network marketing company are just back-end offers based on someone else’s needs.

Why mentioning the company’s name isn’t a good idea

You definitely don’t want to be throwing out your company name because of the following reasons:

  1. It raises resistance. People aren’t as receptive when you’re constantly throwing out your company’s name.
  2. It doesn’t create curiosity.  If I can go to your profile or fan page and pinpoint what company you’re with (within the first thirty seconds), you’re losing all curiosity.
  3. There could be future setbacks. Although it’s unpleasant to imagine, your company could go out of business. Or, you could decide that you’d prefer promoting another product. If you plan ahead, and make yourself the brand, you would be able to move on without a hitch because the only thing you would be changing is your back-end offers. Your branding and all of your value is still out there working for you.

It’s possible that you struggle when it comes to creating content without using your company’s name. If so, you’re too focused on making a sell rather than solving problems. That doesn’t work. Typically, people will research before they make a purchase. Be their educator instead, by giving them valuable content.

Here Are Some Examples

Because I enjoy supporting other people in the business, especially fellow “mompreneurs”, I like to purchase products from various network marketing companies. If you were to look inside my home, you would find different products ranging from essential oils, health and wellness, hair care, beauty, and skin care. From doing this, I have a broader knowledge of what’s on the market and I can provide valuable input.


Mask is an excellent product to promote without mentioning the company’s name.

  1. You can shoot a video and talk about the importance of using a mask on your hair. 
  2. You could also do a video on how often you should use a mask.
  3. You could do another tutorial showing people how to apply the mask.


I also use a shampoo and conditioner that’s meant for creating volume. With that, you could shoot a video or write a post on the number one reason why you have flat hair. You could also give three tips, like this:

  1.  A simple tip that has nothing to do with hair products, such as “why daily washing hurts your hair.”
  2.  Some tips on shampoo and conditioner specifically to create volume.
  3. Then you could give a third tip on whatever you choose, and end with a call-to-action that says “Hey, if you want to know what my favorite product is, then feel free to reach out to me.”

That’s creating curiosity. I just created a few pieces of content from one product and I’m not telling you which company I’m representing. That’s going to be in my call-to-action.


You could:

  1. Do a tutorial on how it should be applied (because that’s how I actually got turned on to this product). 
  2. Talk about the benefits of using dry shampoo.
  3. Offer reasons why it’s beneficial.


  1. “My number one tip to creating massive volume in your hair!”
  2.  Show how a root lifter serum is used.
  3.  Tell your audience about the right and wrong ways of using it.


One of my coaching clients wrote a blog listing the top brands that use animal testing, while providing photos of what the animals looked like as a result. Because of her post, my outlook totally changed. Now I take a closer look at what products I use.

With that, you could create a piece around “The top 5 ingredients that are found in most beauty products that you absolutely need to avoid and why.”  Then, have a simple call-to-action saying, “Hey, if you want to learn how to use products that are safer for you and your families, reach out to me!” Or, drop “more info” below. By using a call-to-action, you open yourself up to a conversation with potential customers.


Moving on from hair, let’s discuss the body. Before motherhood, I didn’t look closely at the products I was using, and what ingredients were listed.

Those who sell natural-based products without chemicals and toxins, your content can go like this:

  1. How certain products can seep into your skin.
  2. How these products can effect your body.


Instead of sharing a picture of a bottle, where you can easily spot the company name, try this:

  1. “My top 6 tips for increasing your energy and getting over the midday slump!”

Once you reach the end, your call-to action can say “Hey, if you want to know what my favorite product is, feel free to drop ‘yes’ or drop ‘more info’ below.  I’ll be happy to assist!”

Keep in mind that your tips don’t have to consist around one specific product. If you were to give a few tips, you could post:

  1. The benefits of drinking more water throughout the day.
  2. How to help with focus?
  3. What gives you more energy?
  4. Tips that don’t make you feel tired.


Let’s say you have a new eye shadow palette, that you can easily do a Facebook Live post on. You can share what the colors look like, but avoid showing the brand.

  1. You could do a video showing people how to create an everyday look using this palette.
  2. Then you could go live the next day (or create another video) showing your audience how to create a nighttime look with the same palette.
  3. Feel free to mention the name of the color you’re using, but do not mention the company name. Interested people will ask.


I love powder. If that’s what you’re selling, post a picture with several different shades.

  1. Create a post showing people, or telling them, on how to match their skin tone. You can also tell them the right and the wrong way to match powder to their tone.
  2. You could tell people to not create a swatch on their wrists, because it doesn’t provide them a true match.
  3. How do they know what color to get especially when these products come from online?
  4. Do you need to apply powder with a sponge or with your fingers?
  5. What causes your skin to look blotchy? 


If you’re not using a primer, you can post “My one tip to reduce itchy skin for a more even flawless look that lasts all day.”

But if you’re using primer, you can create content like:

  1. How I apply primer.
  2. How much primer should you use?
  3. Do you need a little or a lot?
  4. You could talk about the importance of primer.
  5. Then after that, have a simple call-to-action. Educate your audience with the content you use because it establishes you as an authority figure on the subject.


So, let’s talk about makeup brushes.  There’s a lot of content that you can create just from makeup brushes.

  1. Do a video showing people how to clean their makeup brushes: the right and the wrong way. 
  2. Is there a special solution that you need to clean your brushes?
  3. Can you do it with regular tone?
  4. How often should they clean their brushes?  
  5. When you’re looking for brushes for different makeup uses, what do you need to look for?
  6. Top 4 makeup brushes that every woman needs in arsenal.
  7. Create an eye shadow tutorial showing people how to use different brushes.


And now we move on to exfoliating scrubs!  Your contact could consist of:

  1. Discuss the benefits of exfoliation.  
  2. How often should you exfoliate?
  3. If you have dull skin, talk about the “3 Tips to Brighter, Younger Looking Skin!”
  4. How drinking water improves skin.
  5. How a skin care line can improve your complexion when you use the right kind for your specific issues.


If you have an eye cream in your skin care line, try the following: “My top 3 signs for reducing puffy eyes and dark circles.”

  1. Give a tutorial on the proper application of eye cream.
  2. Educate people on why they should use their ring finger when applying. It applies less pressure!
  3. Because the skin around your eyes are the most delicate, they shows signs of aging first. Discuss the benefits of eye cream.


When it comes to sunscreen, you could do offer some quality posts (that are life saving!):

  1. What’s the number one tip to protecting your skin? Use sunscreen.
  2. You could create a post on the proper application of sunscreen.
  3. How often you should apply sunscreen?
  4. What you need to look for when it comes to a sunscreen: You need to make sure that it’s a broad-spectrum sunscreen because broad-spectrum is going to fight the UVA versus UVB rays. It asks as a bulletproof vest for your skin.


I know a lot of people in essential oil, and I also know how strict they are on claims. If this is your area, look up Dr. Axe on social media; I highly recommend him. He’s an expert on natural health and essential oils, and you can get several content ideas from his posts.

For a particular essential oil, you could dive into:

  1. Why use essential oils? Not all essential oils are created equal, so this could be your chance to educate people.
  2. What are some reasons why you wouldn’t buy essential oils from a drugstore? They’re probably not as potent.
  3. You could create a post to discuss the natural ways to boost your immune system.
  4. You could talk about 3 different ways to use essential oils. 


  1. There are so many ways to use lemon oil, giving you a lot of talking points.

You could put it into your water, but avoid placing them in plastic and use glass or stainless steel instead. You’re also able to use lemon oil for cleaning, as well as diffusing your home for a nice scent. Educate your audience, and again you can have a simple call-to-action that says “If you want to know where I actually get my lemon oil, just reach out or drop “more info” below.  I’ll happy give you a free consultation!”


I am a huge fan of lavender oil. If you’re creating content about it, you could talk about:

  1. The benefits of lavender oil.
  2. Different ways to use lavender oil.
  3. How it helps you get a better night’s rest.

Some of you probably work out and have sore muscles from time-to-time. “Rather than buying over the counter meds, you could look into an essential oil.” Then, you could talk about the various ways to relieve sore muscles.

Final words

Now that you have more ideas of how to avoid your company’s name, you can begin educating your customers and team more effectively. It’s entirely up to you to raise the standards of this profession, and you can.  

Also, keep in mind that creating content is only one activity you should be doing on a daily basis.  If you want to see what actions we have our mlm team do then grab our Social Media Game Plan here for free!


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