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 I’ve put this page together to bring you free training and resources that you can take advantage of to help you grow your business.  Once you click on the trainings you want (get as many as you’d like, that’s why they’re here), just enter your Name and Email for instant access.

{Free Webinar Replay} How a SAHM & Recovering Spammer Quadrupled Her Income in One Year Using a Simple 3 Step Formula:  This is a jammed packed webinar telling you exactly what I did (no fluff) to quadruple my annual income from 2015-2016 (and I know make more than I did in corporate america).  Be sure to grab your pen a paper!!

{Free Pdf Download} The 4 Biggest Mistakes Home Business Owners Make: In this pdf, I lay out some of the biggest mistakes I see those make in the home business space.  Trust me, if you’re making them, you’re not alone!  I made them too and my goal is to keep you from continuing to make them.

{Free pdf Download} 15 Unbeatable Types of Social Media Posts to Build a Flash Flood of Laser Targeted Prospects: I created this because I constantly get asked by people “What do I post?” and it’s a lot easier than you think so be sure to print this off and keep it near your computer so you never run out of ideas! 

sherri brown{Free Webinar Replay} How to Brand Yourself Online, Like a Pro, Even if You’re New: If you’re wondering why you aren’t generating leads and you’re posts are not getting any engagement on social media (specifically Facebook) then you’ll definitely want to take notes.  I was a “spammer” who did it wrong for many years and it wasn’t until I made the changes mentioned in this training that things began turning around.

My Lead System ProWeekly Wednesday 6 Figure Coaching Webinars: Join us every Wednesday at 9pm EST to learn from 6 & 7 Figure industry leaders on a wide range of topics to help you grow your business and branding online.