FB LIVE: Should You Go LIVE From Your Fan Page or Profile

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I had someone ask me: “If I don’t have a big following on my fan page, should I go live on my fan page or my personal profile?”

Great question about FB LIVE and I wanted to share some tips on the topic.

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MLM Tips: Should You Go LIVE From Your Fan Page or Profile

Know that if you go live, you’ll have an advantage when it comes to the news feed. Facebook wants people to use that feature and they want to dominate when it comes to live videos.

When you go live or when you post anything from your personal profile, it’s going to have a larger organic reach (in the beginning). What I mean by ‘organic’ is, you’re not paying anything for it, it’s free. 

However, I want to give you a couple of tips:

Tip #1 – First and foremost, understand that it’s against Facebooks policies and procedures to do any type of business from your personal profile.  The hack is to lead with VALUE though.  However, if you’re blatantly putting up super pitchy and salesy posts, you might want to reconsider that!

So, here’s what I recommend: say for instance, if you want to go live 4 times a week, what you can do is split it up. You can go live on your profile one day, then switch it up to the next live on your fan page.

Tip #2 – Tag your fan page in the description. How will you do that?

     1.  Just type in the “@” symbol.
     2.  Type the name of your fan page.
     3.  Tag it and say, “Hey, guys, just a heads up. I’m actually be going live from my fan page on this day, talking about this topic. So, be sure that you click on my fan page. I’ve tagged it on my description above. Be sure that you like it and turn your notifications on.”

That way, it starts getting more eyeballs on your fan page and it’s driving traffic to there.

Here’s another suggestion: I got this one from Ray Higdon and it’s super ninja!

Say you’ve got 10 tips that you want to get out. What you can do is:

     1.  Go live from your personal profile.
     2.  Give the first 5 tips.
     3.  Tag your fan page in the description and say, “Hey, guys, I’m actually about to hop on over to my fan page and give you five more tips.”

So with that, you are again drawing more people over to your fan page, make sense?

Now, I don’t want people getting used to me going live on my profile all the time. I want to get them used to me going live on my fan page. That way, they know that they should come over to my fan page if they have an interest in the topic.  In the beginning though, I did way more videos from my profile.  However, as an entrepreneur, you must think LONG TERM!!   

Either way, you’re gonna have a competitive advantage when it comes to getting in the news feed because you’re doing lives and Facebook has already stated multiple times they are giving them preference in the newsfeed.


Was that helpful? If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below and feel free to share it with anyone who might benefit.

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16 comments on “FB LIVE: Should You Go LIVE From Your Fan Page or Profile

  1. Sherri….those tips are phenomenal! Great way to switch it up AND drive more traffic to your fan page by tagging it or going LIVE from your personal first. Thank you.

  2. Doing business from your business page just makes sense. I really need to step up my marketing game and use Facebook live. Live video is where everything is going. Twitter and Instagram just released live video on their platforms as well.

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