Mindset Tips: Why You Must Be OK With Repelling Some People

Mindset Tips & Why You Must Be OK With Repelling Some People

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I don’t want to post anything business-related because I don’t want to repel anyone or turn anybody off”?   In essence, you’re afraid that if you put up something on social media, it will just repel people?  Can you relate?   This is something that at one point I…

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3 Reasons Why Learning Marketing Is Just Plain Smart

reasons why learning marketing is just plain smart

Do you ever wonder how some people just seem to make money in their sleep?  Well, that’s because they are actually learning and implementing marketing into their business plan and today, I’ll be sharing 3 reasons why learning marketing is just plain smart. I know there are a lot of “old school” people out there who…

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4 Marketing Mistakes To Avoid On Social Media

Do you ever feel like you are just not getting the results that others are getting on Facebook or other social sites? I used to feel the exact same way which is why today I wanted to share four marketing mistakes to avoid on social media.  Trust me, I’ve made them all in the past. …

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4 Types of Social Media Posts To Help Create More Engagement

types of social media posts

Do you tend to get stuck when it comes to what types of posts to put up on Facebook or other social media platforms?  Here lately, I’ve had quite a few clients asking me what they can do to have a variety of posts, rather than the same ole, same ole. Therefore, today I wanted…

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MLM Tips: Are You Attracting or Repelling People?

mlm tips

Do you ever feel like the posts you’re putting up on social media aren’t getting any engagement?  It’s like the only ones commenting are either other reps for your company or maybe some of your family?  Or, maybe you just want to figure out in general if you’re repelling or attracting your target market. Today,…

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