7 Tips for MLM Prospecting

Prospecting Tips

Ever joined a company and then panicked because you had no idea how to Prospect?  This is the area where Network Marketers can improve the most.  Prospecting When it comes to prospecting, it is the absolute most important part of your business and where most of your time should be spent.  This is definitely true in the…

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Setting Expectations in Network Marketing


Have you ever found yourself frustrated because of the large amount of time and energy you spent bringing someone into your company or opportunity, only to find them leave before they even got started?  This could be because they weren’t given the right expectations up front. The Wrong Expectations The great thing about this profession is that…

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How to Create More Duplication in Your Business


What you would do if you recruited twenty people into your business next week?  Would you be ecstatic and know exactly what to do or would you be overwhelmed at the time it’s going to take to train them all? If the thought of not knowing what to do is overwhelming, it may be because…

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Your “Why” is Not Enough

If you’re in the Network Marketing, chances are you’ve been told to really think about Your “Why” and write it down.  Your “Why” simply put, is the reason you joined the company in the first place.  It could be to retire your spouse, have a shameless shoe fund, pay some bills, have the extra money to go…

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