How To Get Crystal Clear On Your Brand

getting crystal clear on your brand

Have you been really trying to figure out what your brand is or who your brand is but you’re still a little unclear how to put all those pieces together? Maybe you’re a little unsure about the different types of posts that you need to be putting up—whether that be on your Fan Page or your…

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5 Prospecting Mistakes To Avoid

5 Prospecting Mistakes to Avoid

Are you struggling when it comes to prospecting? Do you find that you get ignored way more than not?  If that’s you, you definitely want to stick around as today I’m going to be sharing “5 Prospecting Mistakes To Avoid” and I’m also gonna be telling you ways on how to correct those—so, a more…

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Product Review: High Achiever’s Playbook (Planner)

Product Review of the High Achievers Playbook Planner

Are you a home business owner who is constantly asking yourself, “How do I keep up with all the people that I’m talking to and how do I keep up with the content that I’m putting out?” When it comes to organization, I’m kind of old school in the fact that I like planners and…

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6 FB Live Tips to Help You Crush It Online

6 video marketing tips

If you’re building a business online, hopefully one of your strategies includes you doing videos!  If not, I definitely recommend you taking the plunge as it’s definitely what’s getting all the attention.   With that being said, I get a lot of questions around video in general and therefore I wanted to give you 6…

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The First Step to Marketing Online

The first step to marketing online

Does the whole “coming online and trying to learn this whole marketing and branding” confuse you and make you feel a little bit overwhelmed? If so, believe me when I say, I get it!  I used to think building an online business would be super easy given the fact that I not only have my…

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