Sherri Brown

sherri brownHave you ever thought you were meant for so much more than just the typical 9-5 grind?

Well, you’re not alone and that was definitely me.   I did what I was taught….graduated high school, went on to college for eight years, and found myself in Corporate America bouncing around between entry level positions but never found my place or felt like what I was doing really made an impact.  

I worked in the wireless industry, financial industry, then on to the education industry for many years and although I made decent money, had my own house, car, necessities, there was never any joy waking up to an alarm clock, never being able to be in charge of your own time, always having to make sure to plan far ahead to take off and lord help us if an emergency came up (I’m sure you can relate, right?).  There was soo much time being sacrificed.  

You wake up to go to work where you exchange your time for money so that you can afford the car you’re driving to work and  to pay for the house you’re not even at all day because you’re at work trying to pay for it all, and on and on in a vicious cycle with no true meaning and most often living paycheck to paycheck.  There just wasn’t any true enjoyment in any of it.     

Sherri BrownThen, in 2013 I became a mom and it ALL changed!! I knew success could happen without sacrificing time away from my daughter and leaving her with only crumbs of myself.  That’s when the search began, I knew Network Marketing or affiliate marketing was my answer, the key was finding the right company where I fit in and products that I wanted to stand behind.  Being in the industry previously, I knew what business models I didn’t want so this really helped to narrow down the search.  

In July of 2014, the right company and the exact opportunity I was looking for found me!  I jumped on board and began chipping away only to find myself not moving as quickly as planned.  I knew this was the right business model and have seen many create an income that surpassed their previous jobs in corporate america but how in the heck were they doing it?  

Although I was growing, I quickly realized that in order to really create success, I needed training.  This business model works but only if YOU treat it like a business.  I read a book by Ray Higdon called Vibrational Money Immersion and it gave me the breakthrough needed.  You have to have the right mindset and skills and you have to get to work progressing yourself towards those goals every single day, so that’s exactly what I did.  

Sherri BrownAfter reading the book, I sat down and really thought about my vision (something I encourage everyone to do) and who I really wanted to become.  I want to inspire others, I want to make an impact on as many people as possible, I want to set an example for my daughter, I want time and money to serve me and not the other way around.  Why not create a life you don’t need a vacation from?  You see, when you can create a strong vision of who you want to become and then create an action plan, you can become an unstoppable force!  That vision is what will pull you through the bad days.  

Now…..having completely immersed myself into the profession, it’s truly exciting to dig deep, learning new skills about marketing, branding, prospecting, closing, etc. and that’s allowed me to truly find my passion (helping other mompreneurs cut their learning curve and actually create a life they love).  Feel free to check out My Tools Page if you’re needing help on various areas of your own business.

Sherri Brown  Today, I am in my early 30’s being able to work a few hours a day while being home with my daughter!  I am not where I want to be (YET) but I’m getting closer everyday and there isn’t a need to punch a time clock or ask for a day off to spend time with my family because I get to do this all of the time (not just sometimes).  

With all that being said, it’s super great to meet you and I look forward to helping you in any way I can.  

Sherri Brown