5 Ways to Create More Leverage and Results in Your Business

5 Ways to Create More Leverage & Results in Your Business

Those of us in this particular field share one big commonality: We want to create more leverage in our businesses. We want to generate more influence, while we attain real results, and gain more time and freedom. Because of that, I’m going to share five tips that you can use to create more leverage in your business.

5 Ways to Create More Leverage In Your Business

1. Have a Branded Website

There are two things that you own and control. A branded website is number one. Having a branded website—not a company replicated website—will establish you as the authority figure. It allows you to build a rapport and grow an audience because you’re offering customers and clients real value.

Understand how critical a website is. If you’re building an online business that goes beyond a hobby, then it should be non-negotiable.

Also, if you’re clueless as to how to create one then check out the marketing system that I use here!  Not only does it give you this as a member but lucky for you, me and my buddies even walk you through the process. 

2. Have a Capture Page

A capture page is also known as a lead magnet, a freebie offer, and sometimes known as a funnel.  It allows you to create value for your target audience, whether it’s a check list, a PDF, a video or anything of value, in exchange for peoples’ names and email addresses.

This process allows you to grow your email list, which is the second thing that you own and control. You don’t own your company replicated website, and you don’t own any of your social media accounts. Those things are free, so recognize how critical it is for a business owner to have an email list.

The top three search engines are Google, YouTube, and Facebook. By having an email list and a branded website, it becomes easier to create more leverage, because millions of people go online at all hours every day to search for solutions to their problems. By that, you’re tapping into unlimited possibilities. When you have a website, your blog post can pop up when someone uses a search engine to research what they’re looking for.

Learn from my personal experience. Before I figured out marketing, I had to talk to people to grow my business. It wasn’t until I built a branded website and dove into my career that I became a student of marketing.

It’s the coolest thing for people to stumble across your website, and watch your videos—especially when you’re asleep. There’s been so many mornings that I’ve woken up to leads, sales, and sign-ups. A website allows you to be one-to-many, instead of one-to-one. It works for you 24/7.

3. Have a Social Media Presence

It’s crucial to have a social media presence, where you’re growing and engaging with an audience. Recognize that people do business with people, especially with people who they know, like, and trust. When you’re posting on social media the correct way, you’re educating, entertaining, and inspiring. By doing this, you steadily build a relationship with your audience.

This is me being honest: In the past, I didn’t have a receptive and warm market. In fact, my sister told me that I was a spammer and the only reason she didn’t unfriend me was because I was her sister! I laugh when I think about it now. For me, learning to put out valuable content that would attract clients  became important. I went about social media the wrong way, and it didn’t work.

Think before you post.

Also, consider the pains, problems, and questions of those in your target market. Once you do that, begin sharing content on Facebook Live, blog posts, states updates, and inspirational quotes that will attract your ideal customers and business partners.

For me, having a social media presence is critical.  Unless you’re a super SEO (search engine optimization) wizard—which I’m not—you may not have the capability of putting up a blog post and getting it to rank on the first page of Google. Building that presence is important especially if your skills in SEO are lacking.

If you’re ready to tackle or revamp your social media page, check out my Back to the Basics Academy. It will help you jump-start your business in a world consumed by social media.

Bonus Tip: Before I immersed myself into marketing, I was struggling and overwhelmed because I had “shiny object syndrome.” I was running on little to no steam because I was trying to be everywhere on various social media platforms. My advice is to build and grow your audience on one stage. Master only one platform, and figure out the ins-and-outs of it because what’s acceptable on Facebook may not necessarily be acceptable on LinkedIn and Twitter. They’re totally different platforms, and they speak different languages.

4. Have Systems in Place That Leverages Your Time

This is especially important for those of you who are in network marketing. Often, when entrepreneurs talk to a prospect, they have a bad habit of wanting to explain everything themselves. Rather than doing that, it’s more useful if you have systems in place by using tools and resources. This is a helpful way to leverage (and respect!) their time on top of yours.

Imagine yourself speaking with a prospect, and that they’re open to what you’re offering. Instead of explaining every aspect to them, point them to a tool or resource that will do it for you. This can be a video, conference call, or a webinar.

This will save you from yourself from talking too much, and will save your prospect from growing overwhelmed.

Stop and consider what your prospect is thinking:  If you’re explaining everything to them, in their mind, they’re going to become overwhelmed, and feel as if they can’t possibly learn all of it.  However, if you were to point them to a resource that explains it for them, they will feel more comfortable, and feel like they can duplicate that for any prospects they have.

It’s the same principle with your team if you’re in network marketing. If you find that for every new rep you bring on, you’re explaining everything to them and spending an hour or two hours with them, that’s not a good use of your time. It doesn’t create any leverage.

Having a system in place that you send a rep to is definitely smarter, as it creates more leverage, time, and it’s duplicable. This can be as simple as a PowerPoint, or a video showing them how to do something.  It’s simple yet powerful.

5. Have Some Videos

Videos are an incredibly popular tool. That’s where it’s at. Just keep in mind that it takes time to get into a flow. My first two-minute video took hours. But after time, I got better. You will too. If your first few videos are rough, it’s okay. That’s normal. Practice makes perfect. Well, practice makes very, very good content.

This is one of the ways that you can be one-to-many people. What I love and appreciate about videos is that I don’t have to physically attend a meeting. Instead, I can create a webinar or a Facebook Live. You will create an incredible amount of leverage.

Another aspect of creating video content, is that it allows people to develop a deeper connection with you. With it, they’re able to get a sense of your personality and what you’re like, which allows you to establish a profound rapport.

The power of video based on statistics:

  • Realize that a video is 800% more powerful than text.
  • One minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words.
  • 73% of consumers are more likely to purchase after watching a video.
  • Mark Zuckerberg said on many occasions that video is the main focus when it comes to Facebook.

Using the Facebook Live feature is a big advantage for you to get your video into news feeds. Currently, there are almost 1.9 billion people using Facebook, which makes it competitive to get into news feeds.

But, even if you uploaded a pre-recorded video, you still have an advantage using this tool because Facebook loves videos.

You actually have a news feed dedicated to just videos.  Did you know that?

This is everything right now, and if you’re in marketing, it’s crucial to stay on top of trends. Bottom line, if you’re not putting them out, it’s time to hop on the train (or you’re going to miss out).


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  • Ron Deering

    Reply Reply September 7, 2017

    5 great ways… my 2 favorite are 1 & 2… but they are all very important… as always a great post Sherri… thanks for sharing this

  • Dr. Lisa Thompson

    Reply Reply September 7, 2017

    Great tips here Sherri.

    Having a branded website is SO important as you own the content. Anything you post on social media is owned by the network.

    Dr. Lisa

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