5 Places to Find People on Social Media

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When it comes to building your business (whether that be customers or potential business partners), is it a challenge to find people to talk to? 

This seems to be one of the most common questions I hear (and yep, I used to even ask this too) and obviously you can’t grow your business without some eyeballs, right?

Although I’ve recruited hundreds of people on social, I don’t really talk a ton about this topic as I prefer marketing stuff (the kind where people come to you versus you going to them). 

However, today, I’m going to share  5 different places to find people on social media.

5 Places to Find People on Social Media:


Before I dive into where to find your ideal customers/clients, I want to share a big a-ha that I learned from Russell Brunson in his book called Dotcom Secrets

What he meant was that if you haven’t really nailed down who your ideal customer or client is and gotten really specific about it, it’s going to be a lot harder to find out where they are hanging out.  

If you haven’t thought about this, it’s something I did train on inside of my free Facebook Marketing Community which you can get access to HERE!

Now that I’ve set the pre-fame and you understand the importance of taking the time to nail down who your target audience is, now we can get into 5 places to find people on social media.  Let’s dive in….

#1: Facebook Friends List
This is an obvious place to start.  However, I bet you haven’t actually gone through your entire friends list and reached out to them all.  Am I right?

With that being said, reach out and build a connection with people who you’re already connected to.  Go through your friends, and find people to speak to.  It doesn’t have to be weird, just start engaging on their posts and even shoot them a message simply saying.. “Hey Susy, how’s it going?  Haven’t chatted in a while and wanted to see how you were doing.”

Here’s another tip: Facebook has birthday reminders! Let me show you where you can find them… 

If you are on your “Home” page, over on the left hand side, you’ll see “Events” under the “Explore” tab (refer to to the picture below).

Then, once you click on “Events” it will take you to another screen where you’ll click on “Birthdays” on the left hand side (again, refer to the picture below).


As you can see, all of the birthdays for that particular day will show up on the right hand side and you can write a message to post directly on their timeline from there OR a better alternative would be to shoot them a quick voice note in messenger. 

Doing that will not only make you stand out more but it can also allow you to strike up a conversation with someone you might have forgotten you were even connected to. 🙂 

#2: Facebook Suggested Friends or “People You May Know”
Go to your friends list and click on “find friends” (or simply just refer to the picture below).


Take a look and browse through some of the different profiles for a few seconds and see if you find anyone who you might want to connect with.

You can: Follow them, send them a friend request, or send a message to strike up a conversation.

But remember this—don’t pitch right off the bat because it’s not professional and extremely annoying.  Just respect the platform. 🙂  People can smell your motives a mile away so seek to simply connect first.   

#3: Facebook Friends of Friends
Some of your friends will have their friends lists available to view and some of them keep it private.  

However, even if they keep them private, you can always check and see who’s engaging on their content and see if it might be someone that you’d like to connect with.  

#4: Facebook Pages/Facebook Groups
Like a page and join a group!  Okay okay, this probably should have been split into two different places because they really are totally separate places but let’s talk about it. 

This can actually be two sided in how to go about finding these pages or groups.

First, search for pages or groups where your ideal customer/client is hanging out in. 

For example, let’s say you’re in health and wellness company and your main product is for weight loss. Well, look for pages that are specific to losing weight and getting healthy. What about Jillian Michaels or Danette May?  Both are Public Figures with one heck of a massive audience. 

Go “like” and follow their page, take a look at those who are commenting and engaging and ask yourself if there anyone you might want to connect with? Super Likely! 

Now, go search for “weight loss groups” and do the same. 

The next thing you want to do is think about is your ideal clients hobbies and this will allow you to search for other groups and pages where they are spending time in. 

For example, I have a few people on our team who are HUGE into rodeo.  They friggin love their horses and because of that, they too want to attract other women who are into the same thing. 

So… go and do a search for “rodeo” on Facebook and you’ll be amazed at how many pages and groups there are that are FULL of people who share the same interests as you! 

Think about your hobbies and what you’re in to.

I’m an animal lover and volunteer in animal rescue for a couple of years.  I’ve got four dogs, all of which were rescued so it’s super easy to chat with others who are into the same thing because there is common group there.

Now, here is another bonus tip and that is to take some time and find a couple of really good pages and a couple of really good groups and start actually engaging on them as well. 

Be someone of value!  Someone who is there to serve others and give insight instead of someone who just has the intention to try and make a sale. 

Again, always respect the platform. 

#5: Audience Insights
With over 2 BILLION people on Facebook, trust me.. humans are plentiful here. 

But, on a more serious note, there’s a cool tool called “Audience Insights” where you can find some pages that you didn’t even know existed (thus leading you to more humans).

Just check out the video below where I do a complete walk through. 

This has been a useful tool for me and I know it can definitely help you too!




In short, know your audience and what their interests are. They’ll have many of the same commonalities as you. When you share something in common, it’s easier to break the ice, build a rapport, and connect with others.


Was this helpful?  Is there anyone else you know that is struggling in this area and could use some pointers too, share this with them so they too can increase their sales. I promise, they’ll thank you for it. 

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  • Martin Dean

    Reply Reply January 16, 2018

    Great tips Sherri. So many people add you as a friend, send one message saying “Hi let’s talk etc” & then the next message is “hey take a look at this”. They don’t even build a relationship first.

  • Dereco Cherry

    Reply Reply February 19, 2018

    These five places you just shared about where to find people on social media rocks, Sherri! I’ve talked to my fair share of people who have no clue of who their target audience is and when you ask them who they are trying to attract, they say everybody!

    When you try and market to everyone you end up marketing to no one.

    I like how you suggested to respect the platform and just have a normal conversation with people. To often network marketers want to immedatiley hit people with their business. This is what gives the network marketin profession a bad name.

    Awesome tranining, thanks for the share!

  • Dr. Lisa Thompson

    Reply Reply February 19, 2018

    Wow…didn’t know that Birthday’s was under the events tab!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Dr. Lisa

  • Gina

    Reply Reply February 19, 2018

    Great content like always Sherri.
    I need to remember about the daily birthdays thanks for the reminder.

  • Adewale Adebusoye

    Reply Reply February 20, 2018

    Great tips Sherri.

    I use audience insights and it’s an awesome tool.

    I agree also that you shouldn’t pitch right off the bat.

    Thanks for sharing!

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