3 Things That Will Kill Your Sales

Three things that will kill your sales


Are you seeing a noticeable decrease in new customers, clients, or partners?  If this has been an issue for you, I want to discuss three things that can absolutely kill your sales (and I’ve been guilty of the first and third at one point or another).  

3 Things That Will Kill Your Sales

# 1: You’re constantly pitching

The first thing to kill a sale before you actually speak to anyone is if you’re constantly pitching on your Facebook profile, in messenger, or other social media sites.

What’s interesting is that I once heard Ray Higdon talk about the biggest pro in network marketing is also the biggest con: There’s a low barrier of entry.

It totally made sense.  So many people come into this industry with little to no understanding of sales or marketing. So, what do they do? They begin to post pitch after pitch (turning their pages into one big infomercial).

I also will point out, if you’re in network marketing, it’s probably just the way you were taught (that was totally the case for me).   

Rather than spamming, you have to have a better understanding of your prospects. You have to know what their mindset is and what their desires are.  Try to remember….

Let me give you an example: I’ve always had issues with my hair. Okay, my hair was kind of craptastic (a little frizzy, flat, no volume, just kind of blah). It wasn’t until I met Amy, a total rockstar in her haircare company at the time.

I bought and began to use the products she recommended, not because I wanted to throw money away for the heck of it. I needed a solution!  You been there?

I also ended up buying a natural, weight loss system that consisted of 4 products.  Again, I wasn’t buying the products because I wanted to drink a shake or take some pills, I bought them because I wanted the END RESULT…. more energy and weight loss.  

# 2: Negativity

The second killer is negativity! So here’s my suggestion when it comes to this: Inforce a no-negativity rule.

Keep your dirty laundry and your bad mood off of social media. If you’ve had the worst day, keep your fingers off of your keyboard, and call your best friend, your mom, your sister, anyone but that status update.  Help Me Help You!  

 If you’re one to share the negativity, the inevitable will happen! You’re not going to attract the right people who you want for your business. You’ll begin to attract other negative people and complainers. Trust me when I tell you that you don’t want to work with soul suckers. 

# 3: Feeling desperate and needy

The third aspect killing you in sales is when you begin to come across as desperate to prospects. When you begin to build your online business, there’s a chance that you’re in desperate need of sales or money. I get that. But, even if you’re in that tough place, you never want to come across this way. 

Another turn off? Are you making people feel guilty for not buying from you or joining your team? First of all, don’t do that.

Sure, some of them aren’t able to buy or join now. But, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to a month to six months down the road. Circumstances change! Don’t burn bridges, because you don’t know what the future entails. 

Bonus Tip:

Just as an extra bonus, I wanted to tell you something else that might be preventing you from growing and I’ve heard this from lots of people……

“Stop trying to sell to broke people!”

Listen, you can’t be afraid to turn people off.  So stop trying to please everyone and get really clear on WHO your ideal customer is and don’t be afraid to repel those you don’t want to work with. 

I know for me, I am totally fine with repelling people who are just looking to build a business for free.  I want to repel people who have a broke mindset and just look at everything as a cost versus an investment.  I want to repel them because I want to work with people who value their personal growth over money.  

I want to work with people who “Get It!” and are prepared to figure it out when things get tough (and they will).  From my experience, the broke ones will likely just quit and they are usually the ones who turn around and say “those things never work” when in fact, THEY just weren’t willing to work. 

Lastly, don’t be afraid to put it out there!  Your content is what’s going to either attract or repel so become more polar in your opinions and you’ll end up attracting the right ones to you! 


Was this helpful?  Is there anyone else you know that is struggling in this area and could use some pointers too, share this with them so they too can increase their sales. I promise, they’ll thank you for it. 


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  • Jelena Ostrovska

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    Helping others create a change by solving their problems is a huge advantage to get more sales from them. This is proven and tested in time.

  • Theresa Lovelace

    Reply Reply January 5, 2018

    Your bonus tip was right on point. Too many people complain about not having money. Just move on. 🙂

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