2 Ways to Get More Exposure & Eyeballs on You & Your Online Business


2 Ways to Get More Exposure & Eyeballs on You & Your Online Business

I have two tried and true tips that I’ve used myself to get more exposure and eyeballs on me and what I have to offer. If you want your business to grow after all, it’s going to depend on fresh leads. That’s why I want to share with you two things that worked for my business! 



Tip #1 – Be someone of value (this is two fold).


You have to be someone of value. What does that mean though? I’ll give you a couple of examples! 

I’ve been following industry giant, Ray Higdon, for a long time. You can imagine how incredible it was for me when we did a live video together a while back!

I mean, this guy has a following of over a hundred thousand people. Do you know why? His content.

It’s relevant and valuable. Anytime Ray went live, I was on Facebook taking notes. I was also a frequent engager, and he began to notice me.

Because of that, he knew who I was and would give me a shout-out when I would hop on.

I would also comment during his videos, if he was giving a link to a webinar or anything, I was always one of the first ones to pop it into the comments to make it easier for others who wanted to go back and click it.  

Eventually, I met him at an event. While there, I was able to get in on one of his Facebook lives–and it instantly gave me free, organic exposure.

So be someone who is helpful. 


Be someone who does what you want others to do!   


Bonus Tip: When you’re developing your own content (whether it be videos, blogs, status updates, etc), solve a problem!

Yes, you often hear me urging you to create valuable content (because that’s what I was taught and it just flat out works).

But, here’s something interesting that happened because of that.

Back last year, I bought a planner called the “High Achiever’s Playbook.” It’s made specifically for network marketers. Because I loved, loved, loved it, I did a review and posted it on my YouTube channel. 

Not long after, the creator of the High Achiever’s Playbook, personally called me. He asked me if he could put that up on the Facebook’s fan page. Yes! Yes, please! Within the span of a week, that video had over 8,000 views. 

Then, a while back, Tim called me again to ask if I would be open to train his audience on a couple of different topics–which would earn me more eyeballs. All organic, and I didn’t have to pay a cent! 

That’s why valuable content is so important to those of us in network marketing, online marketing, affiliate marketing, or anything else.

When creating beneficial information, you never know who will run across it and will want to give you exposure.   


Tip #2 – Get results.


My second tip is to get results.  When you begin to get results, trust me when I say that “people are going to take notice.”

When I joined my new network marketing company last year, in my very first month, I blew through ten different ranks.

I actually hit the top rank on the customer side! During the first 30 days, I gained 64 customers, and I was number one on the leaderboards in all of North America for customer acquisition. 

Because of my results, big-name-leaders began to reach out to me. I was able to hop on and do two trainings for my company. On our Saturday calls, I was asked by my personal upline leader (who has a massive organization!) to train people in his downline–everybody is in his downline! 

I want to share another instance with you. You may have noticed that I’m big into affiliate marketing.

Last January, I won an affiliate contest for a marketing system that I promote.  Because of those results, I was asked to come on and do a couple of training webinars for their entire audience.

I’m telling you to focus more on serving others and less on yourself.  

When you seek to serve, you’ll gain so much more (including money in your bank account!)

So there ya have it!  Two (or actually three) ways to get more exposure and eyeballs on you and what you have to offer. 🙂 


Was this helpful?  Is there anyone else you might know that is struggling in this area and could use some pointers? If so, share this with them so they too can increase their exposure. 

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  • Dereco Cherry

    Reply Reply February 12, 2018

    This some extremely good stuff Sherri, you are right become a person of value and solve problems. Most network marketers make it about themselves instead of their prospect. This approach rarely if ever works. Becoming a person of value means working on your self just as much as you do your business and that should be everyday!

  • Dr. Lisa Thompson

    Reply Reply February 13, 2018

    Doing video tutorials are a great way to provide value to the community.

    I love doing FB live videos showing tutorials for people managing their diabetes

    Dr. Lisa

  • Martin Dean

    Reply Reply February 13, 2018

    Being “of value” is the key. Awesome tips as always Sherri.

  • Jelena Ostrovska

    Reply Reply February 13, 2018

    Ray Higdon is one of the best mentors to meet. If someone really wants to learn and gain the secrets of network marketing, you’ll do it quickly with him.

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