12 Tips to Become a More Productive Professional..Get Your Time BACK!

With every New Year, without fail, a sense of hope is renewed in so many of us. Of course some may laugh, and say that your resolutions will be short lived—it’s inevitable. Haters will hate, right?

Here’s something they may not realize about you though:

If you’re like several other entrepreneurs, your goal may center around balance between work and family. It’s a difficult thing because society tells us that busyness = a fulfilled life.

Except, this myth is far from the truth.

People, now more than ever, are suffering from anxiety and higher levels of stress (especially women). There’s always an email to be answered. We’re supposed to be reachable 24/7.

There’s nonstop meetings and reports. Kids have piano lessons on Mondays, followed by soccer practice on Tuesdays. Scouts on Wednesdays. Games on the weekends. Projects. Homework. More emails. More deadlines!

It’s overwhelming, and this chaos is robbing you of your time and your joy. I’m not a pessimist though—why? I believe that almost any issue can be fixed with a little awareness and action.


My twinkie and I are launching our First Ever, 4 Week Productivity Workshop (this will only be done 1-2 times in 2018 and we kick off the first session January 6th.

So if you want to learn how to Get Your Crap Together, then check out all of the details HERE!  

Now, I’d like give you some goodies and therefore introduce…

12 Tips to Become a More Productive Professional. Get Your Time BACK!

#1 Make a List & Then Prioritize It

Stop wasting time on trivial tasks that add to your day. Take out your trusty notepad, and think about what you have to tackle and write it down!  

I tend to break mine up and and do sections.  Let me explain…

There are a lot of things on my to-do list (not even gonna lie) and therefore instead of trying to remember it all, I did a massive brain dump on a sheet of paper. 

From there, I put it into categories like: Website, Courses, Community, etc.  

Then, I went back to the brain dump list and started putting everything that had to do with my website under the “Website” Category (Change sidebar images to.., revamp my home page with my new free pdf download, change picture on “Contact” page, change picture on my “About” page, and so forth) and I did that until everything on that main list was sectioned off. 

I then went back and prioritized each of these based on the level of importance so I knew what needed to be done first, second, third and so on. 

Stop just randomly going through and trying to keep a mental note of everything because you’ll either forget or keep procrastinating which equals you not getting stuff done. 

#2 Schedule Your Priorities

Google Calendar is simple to use, and it’s still magical. You can use it to create and edit events, with the option for reminders. I also like the fact that you can add other users as well. Another cool feature is that your calendar can sync up with your Gmail account, and add dates from your email.

However, if you’re like me and like a good ole fashion planner (can I get a “Heck Yes”) then I recommend either the High Achiever’s Playbook  (you can get an inside look below).  It runs around $50 (a little pricey but I do like it).  Or you can also go with a Passion Planner which is super similar but is a little cheaper.

Whatever route you decide to take, just put them on your calendar because if you don’t write them down or schedule them in, they are a lot less likely to get done.   

#3 Get That List Done Now

Susan Sly, a productivity guru says to “front-end load your week.” If you’re like me, you want more family time in the evenings and on the weekends. You don’t want your spouse and children to only get crumbs of you. What’s the point otherwise? Tackle what you can now, making your off-time of the upmost importance.

#4 Clean Your Space and Get Organized Yo!

Like a lot of people, I feel out of control if there’s a mess around me. Clutter is a distraction!  Can you relate?

I’ll never forget going through a course and hearing that…

The average American spends one hour a day looking for items they have but can’t find.

Are you guilty?

Can you imagine how much precious productivity time you’re losing by not being organized and having your crap together?

If you organize your area and your desk, you’ll get that hour back!  This is something that we’re definitely going to be talking about in our upcoming workshop.  And let me just say, I’m pretty stinking good in this area (totally tooting my own horn here).  

#5 Create an Environment That You’ll Feel Comfortable In

Aren’t you more comfortable in your home than your office?

Make your space something that you don’t mind working in. After all, you likely spend more time at your desk than anywhere else during the week.

A cozier environment is more pleasing than distracting.

The pic right there is my NEW home office.  Now this was when we moved into our new home and before I threw up some decorations but I LOVE being in there!  

I have two places I shoot videos (in the white chair, in front of the stone background and then also on the other side of my desk).  

Granted, I went a LONG time working in a much smaller space but the importance is that you have your own area and that you make it comfortable for you to work in. 

#6 Block Your Time

When you compartmentalize your tasks, you create a plan that’s meant to focus on one job or duty for a set amount of time. Nothing else. “I’m going to spend X amount of time on this.”

Know what your DMO (daily method of operation) is and also know how much time you’re going to spend on each task. 

Shut Facebook down, and exit out of any window that differs from the task at hand.  

#7 Handle Tasks Right Away If It Takes 2 Min or Less

I actually heard this tip while going through one of Michael Hyatt’s courses.

For instance: Email. When you receive an email, handle it when it arrives in your inbox. Either respond or delete. Reading the message and making a mental note to address it later will result in one of two things: You’ll forget about it, because life. Or, it’ll be added to a growing list of to-do’s.

#8 Set Boundaries

In a world that has become even more connected, there are some who feel that they can reach you at the drop of a hat. This is where I’m going to get tough on you though: You’re to blame.

Several years ago, I heard Dr. Phil say that (for the most part!) we train others how to treat us.

You could either remove your cell phone number as your preferred mode of conversation, designate a time period to take calls, or you can set up an answering service or online calendar where people can schedule calls based on your availability. 

You also don’t have to respond to every single Facebook message the second it hits your inbox! 

Block out time for this and put it down in your DMO and that way you aren’t bouncing back and forth, losing focus and precious productivity time if you’re working on an upcoming blog post or piece of content for your audience.  Capeesh?

#9 Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

I kind of feel like I’m beating a dead horse here but I’m going to go there (but I do want to point out that I’m by no means perfect in this area).

Your body is the only body that you will ever have. Even if you can only squeeze in 20 minutes a day, do it for your mental and physical well-being.  Just get up and move. 

As far as food goes, try meal-prepping for a week to discover the amount of time it saves you (I can’t say I do this but I know it would be a big time saver if I did).

If you aren’t able to prep, I also suggest planning your meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). I hear it’s a game changer to already know what you need and what you’re having.  No “what am I supposed to cook today?” as you scramble through your pantries!

I’ll also tell you from personal experience that there was a looong, hot minute where I was super uncomfortable with my weight (after having my little girl) and the struggle was real.  Because I wasn’t confident in my own skin and felt like I never had much energy, this took a major toll on how productive I was. 

Once I finally found something that was simple, yet effective, I was able to drop a few sizes and get back some much needed energy. Because of it, I gained confidence and goodness gracious, I noticed a pretty big increase in how much I was able to get done.  Go HERE to see which products I used if you’ve been looking for something yourself (the link also has a $10 0ff coupon attached so you’re welcome. what whaaaat?!)

Now, this brings me to my next tip…

#10 Make Yourself a Priority

If you are constantly doing for everyone else and always putting yourself on the back burner then it can definitely take a toll on your confidence, energy and productivity.  If you want to get more done then stop feeling guilty


#11 Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!

Be realistic; you’re only one person and as much as I would love to be “Wonder Woman” (she’s totally my fav), it’s not gonna happen.

If you overload yourself with tasks, you’re going to cause yourself to dive into a sea of anxiety and stress. You’re not perfect (and that’s ok, none of us are). Society has fed us a ginormous lie that if you aren’t busy, you aren’t living a good life. 

There is also some big “myth” that outsourcing is super expensive (it’s not and as a matter of fact, I teach people how to find and hire help for as little as $2-$5 per hour- Yes!  You heard me). 

Check out my free training all around outsourcing RIGHT HERE!  If you like what ya see and you want to get more of your time back and spend less on the crappy things you hate, you can also grab my outsourcing course which can be found on that same page. 

Now, when I actually embraced this and stopped trying to run myself ragged, doing everything in my business, HOLY GUACAMOLE… My Productivity SKYROCKETED!  This also now allows me to actually spend my time doing what I love versus all those mundane tasks that are just time sucks but need to be done.  Ya feel me?

Not only that, but I totally have way more time to spend with my family!  

While we’re also on the topic, another big myth I want to bust….. or better yet is a mindset shift is the whole… “I need to make more money before I can do this”  NOOOO!!  That is the wrong thinking right there!

By spending some money on delegating tasks you aren’t great at is exactly what is going to help get you to that next level!

#12 Set Timers

Going back to blocking off your time, it’s super easy for time to fly by!  Think about the things you love doing, what are they?  For me, I could straight up sit and devour courses and training non stop (not even gonna lie) and before I know it, the day is gone and nothing was accomplished. 

So one thing I started doing that really helped was grabbing a kitchen timer (use your phone if ya want) and for each task ya broke down, set a timer and be laser focused on that ONE thing until the timer goes off and then move on to the next task. 

Let me ask you a question… Have you ever gotten a call from someone and their like.. “I’m on my way, I’ll be there in like 30 min!” and then you get off the phone, look around and  your friggin house is a disaster? 

I’ll bet before that person pulled up in the driveway, you got a crazy amount of cleaning done.  Am I right?  So the bonus tip here is when you set that timer, race against the clock to get as much done as you can.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can get through what you need to with this little productivity hack. 


Whewww, and there ya have it!  12 of my very best productivity hacks to help you get your crap together and get more done in less time! 🙂 


Was this helpful?  Is there anyone else you know that is struggling in this area and could use some pointers too?  If so, share this with them so they too can get their crap together.  I promise, they’ll totally appreciate it! 

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  • Larry Hochman

    Reply Reply December 26, 2017

    I like all of these, Sherri. But today my favorite is “Practice A Healthy Lifestyle.” There’s no way of describing how important feeling good is to a desire to DO good.

  • Joseph Walker

    Reply Reply December 26, 2017

    Tip #6 resonates with me more than any(thought they all are spot on!). Time is our most precious commodity as entrepreneurs and must be guarded and used with the upmost productivity! Thank you for sharing great value as always Sherri!!

  • Bruce Schinkel

    Reply Reply December 26, 2017

    awesome tips, and way more in-depth than expected – thank you! #’s 2, 6, 8 have been huge for me, personally

  • Dr. Lisa Thompson

    Reply Reply December 27, 2017

    Healthy lifestyle is SO important….

    Since losing 50 pounds I’ve been able to get more done in less time

    Dr. Lisa

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