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Have you ever thought you were meant for so much more than just the typical 9-5 grind? Well, you're not alone and that was definitely me. I did what I was taught....graduated high school, went on to college for eight years, and found myself in Corporate America bouncing around between entry level positions but never found my place or felt like what I was doing really made an impact. Then, I became a mom and it ALL changed!! I knew I could be successful without sacrificing time away from my daughter and leaving her with only crumbs of myself. So what did I do? I became an entrepreneur and never looked back and so can you!!

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MLM Tips: The Types of Posts That Repel

MLM Tips: The Types of Posts That Repel

Sep 26, 2016 | No Comments

Have you ever wondered or even got the feeling that some of the posts you’re putting up on social media is repelling people?  Maybe you’re like “Why isn’t anyone engaging on my stuff?” Am I right?  Today, I’ll be sharing some mlm tips when it comes to certain types of posts that can repel people. […]

MLM Success Tips: The # 1 Reason To Brand YOU

MLM Success Tips: The # 1 Reason To Brand YOU

Sep 14, 2016 | 7 Comments

Are you trying to grow your home business using social media and find that people aren’t as receptive as you’d hoped? That could have something to do with how you’re being perceived by your prospects and today I’m going to give you some mlm success tips and talk about the #1 reason to brand YOU! […]

6 Social Media Success Tips To Help You Stand Out

6 Social Media Success Tips To Help You Stand Out

Aug 8, 2016 | 14 Comments

Are you tired of feeling like you’re spinning your wheels on facebook because you’re not generating any leads and people are just ignoring you? Not to worry because today I’m sharing 6 social media success tips to help you stand out!  Feel free to share this out with your team if you got some value. […]


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    ~Sharon Johnson (Network Marketing Professional, Success Coach)


  • sherri brown

    I just started and have never done this before. You make me feel like I can and since I’ve actively been watching your videos and using your tips, I have had 2 new promoters in one day and ended my month $2000 more than I had before!

    ~Luzett Burks (Network Marketing Professional)


  • Sherri Brown

    Sherri has been incredibly supportive and encouraging as a mentor. I was doing the right work in my business, but I really needed a mindset shift and she taught me how to brand myself, promote my website and have a posture that would attract people to me. She is a hard-working and truly wants to empower others to create their own success and create freedom for themselves and their families.

    ~Bridgette Petrino (Network Marketing Professional)


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